Syvic Media Platform is an independent professional organization, founded by a creative young Middle Eastern group, working to empower citizens in their societies by creating media content for its platform, and sharing it on all other communication platforms. At Syvic we work to empower societies and believe that the values of citizenship, and not those of partisanship and politicization, are at the core of a society for everyone.

Using our digital platform, we engage with and support new film makers, writers, musicians, and visual artists and we partner with them to produce innovative content that helps serve our cause in promoting civil rights, human rights, gender equality, women rights, cultural diversity, and social equality. Because we believe in these to be the fundamental components of a healthy and prosperous civic society.

How we do it

Empowering Human Resources

We design and moderate media trainings for amateur and professional activists and media influencers to better promote civic society values in the middle east.

Content Development

We create and promote different media contents that explain and promote civic values and citizenship.


We Empower and encourage civic values ambassadors, who can be advocates of civic values in their local communities online and offline, to maximize their reach.
We facilitate the networking between civil society scholars and the sharing of best practices.

Research and Content Analysis

By constant monitoring and studying of middle eastern media content, we outline the problems and obstacles, and seek solutions to counter bad or non- constructive content, and we identify opportunities of partnership with other platforms/ activists to reach more audience.