Engage to Change

Syvic Media Platform promotes and supports civic values, human rights, and civic cohesion in the Middle East through the creation and promotion of media content that reinforces these values.
We aim to raise public awareness of the civil society concept, and to strengthen the notions of peace, community cohesion and citizenship among public opinion. And we work together to create an environment that supports community work and contributes to sparking discussions about differences instead of conflicts.

Syvic Values
Syvic promotes citizenship values as the only way of living in harmony, and living in a society for all, today and for generations to come.

We do it by

Empowering Human Resources
Through designing and moderating media trainings for amateur and professional activists and media influencers to better promote civic society values in the middle east.

Content Development
By creating and promoting different media contents that explain and promote civic values and citizenship.

We do it by

Empower and encourage ambassadors, who can be advocates of civic values in their local communities online and offline and helping them maximizing their reach.
facilitate the networking between civil society scholars and the sharing of best practices.

Research and Content Analysis
By constant monitoring and studying of middle eastern media content, we outline the problems and obstacles, and seek solutions to counter bad or non- constructive content, and we identify opportunities of partnership with other platforms/ activists to reach more audience.